The Black House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

The Black House by Andres Remy Arquitectos

Architects: Andres Remy Arquitectos
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2007
Area: 3,552 sqft

The dark house was conceived by the solicitation of a youthful couple, conveyed to us by another of our activities “The Waterfall House”, which gave us the test of enhancing what we had done right then and there, exploiting the opportunity they gave us amid the design.
This single house is situated in a shut neighborhood, 30km. far from Buenos Aires. The part, 20 meters wide and 50 meters length with 3 meter of sidelong withdraws, has astonishing perspectives to the lake we couldn’t let aside.

The-Black-House-01The part’s examination demonstrated to us the preferences and hindrances we ought to consider along the whole plan process. The best perspectives to the lake were at the part’s back, while the best introduction was at the front. The encompassing houses and the wide part denoted the visuals we ought to utilize.

The-Black-House-00-6The straightforward system, for a socially dynamic couple without youngsters, made important the social’s determination zones. We chose to isolate the social ranges in two. In one side are found the basic zones, for example, the kitchen and the dinning room. On the other side is found the lounge, closer to the lake.


The shallow pool that partitions the house in two permits the roundabout light to bathe the insides, as the northern sun mirrors it’s light on the water surface. Along these lines, light is available in each edge of the house, however never directly.


Both projects are joined by a glass span, with the water running under your feet.
The family room, 10 meters wide and 5 meters length, opens to the outside utilizing glass dividers. It was thought in a lower level than whatever is left of the house, making it porous and permitting the ambients a spotless perspective to the lake.


The primary’s determination floor takes after the same criteria of differencing territories. At the front are found the rooms for the future kids, with perspectives to the lake. As an extension, joining the two volumes in the lower floor is the principle room with a monster shade that vanquishes the best perspectives to the lake, appearing to buoy over the water.


The Black House has a practically provocative collectedness, where the unadulterated white in within provoques an emotive appear differently in relation to unquestionably the dark in the outside, helping the chomp to remember an apple. An in number trademark that names the house.

The-Black-House-01-5 The-Black-House-01-7 The-Black-House-02-1 The-Black-House-02-2 The-Black-House-02 The-Black-House-03 The-Black-House-04 The-Black-House-06-2 The-Black-House-06 The-Black-House-07 The-Black-House-08The-Black-House-09 The-Black-House-10 The-Black-House-11 The-Black-House-31 The-Black-House-33 The-Black-House-34 The-Black-House-35

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