Solelya chalet near Les Houches by Chevallier Architectes

Solelya chalet near Les Houches by Chevallier Architectes

Architects: Chevallier Architectes
Location: Coupeau, Les Houches, France
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Alexandre Mermillod

This undertaking began with a mountain aide’s home. Since the house was initially self-assembled, it had an one of a kind soul. After an adjustment in proprietorship, Solelyâ’s “work” additionally changed. Presently utilizing it as a second home, the new proprietors needed all the more light, more fabulous perspectives.


Situated on a characteristic projection in the lower Valley, encompassed by rock faces giving it the presence of a characteristic fortification, Solelyâ brags a magnificent site and introduction.


The test was to abstain from losing the quintessence of the enchanting and customary unique building while coordinating an upgraded plan, current materials and imaginative arrangements. The task was made conceivable by the design education of the new proprietors, and also their affectability to magnificence and their gratefulness for fantastic development. In a word, the engineer and the proprietors talked the same dialect.



Solelyâ is the first home with a green rooftop deck in Coupeaux, in the collective of Les Houches. That decision and the work on the fifth façade came about because of a considered procedure and a longing to regard the earth – in natural terms as well as far as admiration, by restricting direct sightlines to neighbors. On these precarious Coupeaux slopes, the perspective from a rooftop incorporates a perspective of downhill neighbors.


With regards to sound standards of warm regulation, noteworthy work went into enhancing the utilization of sun powered vitality. The sun-confronting façades were opened up, while the building has no north-bound openings. The current building was protected and redesigned with superior arrangements. The fundamental new component is the expansion of a living space predictable with the size of the whole building, to capitalize on this fine site settled in the mountains.


Materials and association

The included space, a room made of glass and cleaned and lacquered dark aluminum, appears differently in relation to the first timber development. That difference is helped through to the employments of the diverse spaces, with the first low-ceilinged structure lodging private spaces and rooms, while the advanced segment contains shared spaces intended for mingling.


Solelyâ now has two identities, reflected in its two particular passages: a down to earth, family-situated passageway, and a more sensational passageway for visitors. The cantilevered structure of Solelyâ is especially refined, without any posts. Arranged on a projection, it inspires homes we may see disregarding the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, so exceptionally a long way from Coupeaux.

Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-07 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-08 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-09 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-10 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-11 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-12 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-13 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-14 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-15 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-16 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-17 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-18 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-19 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-20 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-21 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-22 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-23 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-24 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-25 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-26 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-27 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-28 Solelya-chalet-near-Les-Houches-by-Chevallier-Architectes-29

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