Choosing an Electric Water Heater for Your Home

Choosing an Electric Water Heater for Your Home

Choosing an electric water heater is one of the best investments that you can make in your home. No one wants to take a cold shower all the time and you can use hot water for a number of different tasks around the home as well. If you are stuck with water that is cold or it is very unpredictable, it is going to make life quite miserable.

Maybe you have a good water heater that lasted for a long time, but now it stops working and you are worried about getting the hot water running through the pipes again. Fixing the old one is going to be expensive and you need to consider what you can do as a replacement. The good news is that you have a few different options to choose from based on the price, the size of the home, and what you think will be best for your home.

One of the options that a lot of homeowners like to go with is an electric gas heater. Let’s dive into what this type of gas heater is all about and why it is a good choice for your home.

What is an Electric Water Heater?

To start, we can take a look at what an electric water heater is all about. This is going to be a big tank (the size will depend on how much hot water you need in your home) that will heat up the water through an electric heating rod found throughout the tank. The water is going to be heated at the center of the tank and then radiates outwards. You will then be able to enjoy the warm water any time that you turn on the tap for it.

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What are the Benefits of an Electric Water Heater?

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when it comes to an electric water heater. Some of the top ones include:

# You will enjoy the clean operation that comes with this kind of water heater.

# These water heaters are safe and there are not a lot of dangers present with it, which can bring some peace of mind to parents who may be worried about it.

# It is an efficient way to heat up water for your home. You do not have to wait too long to turn on the faucet and have warm water.

# The purchase price is more affordable compared to some of the other options on the market. This is a big reason that a lot of homeowners will choose to go with this type of water heater rather than a different kind.

# Lots of sizes that you can choose from. This allows you a chance to pick one that matches with the amount of hot water you plan to use. The bigger the tank that you go with, the more it will cost you because the tank is so big.

# Since you are using an electric water heater on this one, you will never need to relight the pilot light, which can be a relief to those who have had some problems with that in the past.

# It is easier to hookup. You will already have electrical service in your home, so plugging it in and getting the hot water to come in at a nice rate for the whole home without the hassle of waiting forever for the water heater to just get set up.

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What are Some of the Drawbacks of the Electric Water Heater?

While there are a ton of benefits that come from going with an electric water heater, there are also some drawbacks that you need to consider as well. These could make the electric water heater a bad choice for you, but it will depend on our situation. Some of the negatives of choosing this type of water heater includes:

# The operating costs will be higher. It has to keep the water warm all the time, which does not make your costs go down that much.

# Compared to some of the gas models that are on the market, this one is going to take a bit longer to heat up the water inside of the tank.

# The recovery times are longer. If you run out of hot water, then you will need to wait a bit to have time for it to fill up and get the water warm enough for you to enjoy.

# If there is some kind of power failure in your area, this type of water heater is not going to work since it relies on electricity.

Are There Other Options for Water Heaters?

You do have more than just one option when it is time to find a new water heater for your home. One of the other options, besides the electric water heater, is the gas water heater. This is going to be where you will get a tank that will heat up the water through a gas-fired burner at the bottom of your tank. Thee hot water will start right at the bottom and then goes upwards, where it is drawn off the top by your discharge tube.

You can also choose to go with a tankless water heater. These can struggle with big families and a lot of usage, but they are more efficient, provide hot water instantly, and will take up less space since they do not need a large tank to keep the water warm.

The right plumber is going to make all the difference in how well your plumbing works and whether you will be able to get full enjoyment out of the place you call your own home. But the cost can be prohibitive for a lot of people and they worry that they will have to give up quite a bit just to have the new plumbing that the business needs. That is why you need to check out our team for affordable plumbing, rooter, and water heaters to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need, at an affordable price as well. Don’t waste your time with other people hoping that you can get a good deal. Contact us today to learn more!

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