Waldfogel Residence by Ehrlich Architects

Waldfogel Residence by Ehrlich Architects

Architects:Ehrlich Architects
Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
Year: 2012
Area: 8000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Sharon Risedorph

A 8,000-square-foot house on a level, half-section of land site a mile from Stanford University takes its prompts from the group’s urbanity and the complexity of its proprietors, who needed a home suitable for showing their contemporary workmanship accumulation.


The house opens itself on all sides through a pinwheel plan that structures four particular yards. Two-story volumes are associated by rigid even planes that expand past the building envelope and are clad in dark Rhinezinc.


The passage is flanked by a pivotal mass of poured set up cement, which proceeds with inside to wind up the north-south dissemination spine of the house; cut niches along its length house the couple’s novel pottery accumulation.


The passage court serves as a patio for a twofold stature lounge area framed in mahogany. The principal volume, which contains the lounge and the spouse’s study toward the north, shares another cleared court reaching out to the greenery enclosure, and the kitchen and family room in the southern volume open onto a different garden and pool. At the upper level, the expert suite and wife’s study are connected over a glass scaffold to the youngster and visitor rooms. A story to-roof window divider neighboring the glass extensions and stairway brings light into the completed storm cellar.

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