Stylish Kiev Apartment by Absolute Interior Decor

Stylish Kiev Apartment by Absolute Interior Decor

Architects: Absolute Interior Decor
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2016
Area: 797 sqft / 74 sqm
Photo courtesy: Absolute Interior Decor

This recently constructed one room flat in Kiev measures only 74 square meters (796.5 square feet). The test was to change this into a jazzy two room home on an exceptionally constrained spending plan.


I felt the first format of the flat could be enhanced to expand utilization of the space accessible, so I initially revamped the inside dividers to make a more agreeable space for the living and resting zones, making an enough space now for two rooms and two ensuite bathrooms, and in addition an open arrangement living, kitchen and feasting region. Space was further expanded by introducing custom constructed sliding entryways from the family room to the main room, which served to not just add protection to the room when required, however to give a much more prominent sentiment space when left open. Oak framing added warmth to the room and dim oak deck improved the sentiment extravagance all through the property.


There was an auxiliary supporting segment in the focal point of the condo which demonstrated advantageous to amplify the divider with the goal that I could make a different passage hallway. On the opposite side of this divider I fused a bio fuel chimney with a recessed level board TV above, giving an alluring and handy element for the living territory making a consistent present day contemporary feel. The “drifting” impression of this divider component was accomplished by LED lighting housed in a break along the base of the divider. The bio fuel chimney is extremely down to earth and doesn’t require gas or power mains association, or a pipe for ventilation, so they can be situated very nearly anyplace and add profundity and solace to any property. They are sheltered to utilize and can be introduced at a generally humble expense of around €1000.



Working with the La Fibule gave me access to a huge decision of fabrics and hues and I utilized an extravagance delicate velvet to upholster the couch and seats in the lounge room. This was supplemented by an a couple of rich marble-topped incidental tables. Lighting is vital to me and assumes an essential part in any configuration process. I worked with SLV in Germany to discover suitable delicate lighting to highlight the magnificence of the composition and shades of the dividers, furniture and objet d’art.


The kitchen furniture was intended to both give a perfect and contemporary completion, consolidated with greatest reasonableness. Having an open arrangement kitchen cafe and sitting range is so helpful and down to earth for advanced living.


All the room closets were discretely implicit with a consistent completion. A little attentive working range was intended to be verging on imperceptible from the main room, set beside the windows which were dressed with delicate uniquely designed white drape from SACHO fabric. The decision of fabric ought to never be disregarded in the outline procedure and I generally put stock in giving this the same consideration as picking an exquisite dress. Likewise the bed material ought to give an included touch of polish and I utilized Frette for the bedlinen who have a superb decision of extravagant lines to browse.


I jump at the chance to consolidate lovely mirrors in my insides as well and the constrained space I had, profited from their situating all through to upgrade light reflection and make the figment of a bigger space, while in the meantime being mindful so as not to overpower the configuration and guaranteeing they supplemented the space.


No configuration is finished without no less than one extraordinary thing and I discovered some breathtaking cleaned metal furniture and objet d’art from Megaron in Turkey. I utilized exemplary trunks from the Kelly Hoppen furniture accumulation for the bedside tables in the main room and strong gleam painted tree trunks for the bedside tables in the visitor room. New blooms dependably include a burst of shading and freshness to any room with unending awesome decisions.


Whatever is left of the configuration furnishes agreement with unbiased tones of the completed dividers, furniture and assistants to give a perfect and immortal piece, fulfilling the points of the task and the customer’s brief which was all accomplished with an exceptionally small budget.

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