9 tips to sell your house fast

9 tips to sell your house fast

When you have decided to sell your house, you generally want this to be carried out as soon as possible. Therefore, you must know the various useful tips for the sale of your property and the essential steps before handing over the keys to a new owner. Let’s take a look these 9 tips to sell houses fast.


  1. Choosing the right estate agent

Make sure you find one that you trust and that will meet your needs. A reputable broker who has to deal with dozens of properties might, for example, not be suitable for sellers requiring high availability. Consult friends, neighbours and online reviews if needed, but remember to void getting bogged down with someone for whom your low value, or doesn’t specialise in your area.


  1. Take Loads of photos

One of the key criteria in selling your house fast is getting the attention of future buyers. This means they want to see the house before they turn up to see it.

For that, what will make the difference is that you have beautiful photos of your house for sale. Take special care when taking photos of your house. Make sure that the light is very nice: don’t take pictures of the outside of your house on a rainy day, for example, it does not necessarily make you want to! Also, be vigilant about the storage condition of your rooms before taking pictures: indeed, a mess of rooms or a messy living room or an untidy kitchen taken in photos will not necessarily give the desire to future buyers. learn more about your house for sale.

And take your photos from a wide enough viewing angle to give perspective. You need to give depth to your photos to make people want to actually show up.


  1. Marketing effectively

Take advantage of the different options and use them: specialized newspapers and magazines, classified ads, websites and social media. Display as many photos as possible showing your house in its best light and from all these angles! You can also entrust your marketing to an estate sales company without an intermediary. Do you have an agent? They should handle this.


  1. Clean from top to bottom

Any owner should do a thorough cleaning before opening the door to visitors. Windows, carpets, walls, ceilings, joints around the tub and sinks your property must be free of dust, dirt and bad smells. First impressions have a huge impact on how a potential buyer perceives their visit.


  1. Maximize the value of your property

Estate agents are unanimous: by making your house welcoming, you help it find a buyer. To create a good atmosphere, follow the rules of house staging. Depersonalize your decor, harmonize and refresh your interior, repair apparent defects and rely on relaxing lighting.


  1. Do the necessary work and cleaning

Start by listing the small jobs and repairs to be done and either do them or have them done. A handle that stays in the hand, a closet that doesn’t close, gives the potential buyer the impression that the house is poorly maintained. Tidy up and clean the entire property, garage and garden included. Take special care at the entrance, a buyer makes his purchase decision within the first thirty seconds of his visit.


  1. Put the house at market price

Have your property appraised by an estate agent and ask for price references for actual sales in the neighborhood. You can also obtain information from your notary. Do not be fooled by the prices indicated in the advertisements which are generally very far from reality. Set the price for your house while keeping a reasonable margin for negotiation.


  1. Communicate with potential buyers to adapt to the market

Listen to customers’ questions and bottlenecks, answer honestly and provide them with the information and documents requested. The more transparent you are with the potential buyer and inclined to answer their questions, the more confident they will be. After the visit, try to get an honest opinion from the customer about the house. This will make it possible to verify that we are addressing the right target clientele, that the house is in the market price and to readjust certain parameters of the marketing if necessary. For example, we can become aware that the presentation of the house needs to be accompanied by explanations or prepare to respond to the objections of future potential buyers.


  1. Use a Property Buying Company

If you really just need a fast and guaranteed sale, then you can always just use a property buying company like zoom property buyers. They will make you a cash offer in 48hrs subject to a survey and there’s essentially no hassle, you won’t get market value, but by the time you remove estate agents fees and wasted time it works out the same or better in most cases.

Thank you for reading 9 tips to sell your house fast

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