Annex House by DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design

Annex House by DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design

Architects: DUBBELDAM Architecture + Design
Location: Toronto, Canada
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Tom Arban and Bob Gundu

At the point when the client, a youthful couple, acquired this property with its two structures – the primary building and mentor house – both had been utilized as living houses for a long time.


The client wished to change over the divided property once again into a solitary family habitation, suitable for their extending family and improved for engrossing, while exploiting the two structures on the site. The unmistakable structures defi ne an open air space that has been planned as a yard and outside expansion of the kitchen and lounge areas. The yard develops from season to season and from everyday; it is a calm resting spot, informal breakfast porch, and perusing asylum while in transit to yoga in the mentor house, waking up with the kids’ after school exercises or as visitors touch base to a lawn grill. On the inside, the open arrangement is isolated by portraying components other than dividers that both defi ne and associate spaces through materiality and openings.


They make a dialog between the spaces, outline specifi c perspectives, and help in defi ning the particular character of every space. In the vestibule, a brightened oak screen is isolated into strong, clear and translucent boards that permit curated sees into alternate rooms. The ground fl oor is sorted out around a focal volume that camouflages stockpiling, ventilation work, and basic components, while highlighting a direct gas fi supplant, specialties for showcase and seating.


As the wood clad volume wraps to the lounge area, cupboards get to be implicit seats, giving easygoing seating while engrossing bigger gatherings. Contained inside of the focal point of this volume is a void – a discrete restroom clad in white marble with fl oating fi xtures and an altered stone vanity – considered to be radiant and smooth like the inside of a shell. Conversely, the volume’s outside surface is explained in a play of shut and open segments, and clad in white oak and rosal limestone that wraps around its whole surface. Towards the back of the house, an optional fl oor to roof millwork volume clad in walnut is situated between the feasting also, kitchen ranges.


Joining shrewdly found holes to take into consideration perspectives, discussion and trade between the two spaces, this volume houses a bar, wine cooler, stockpiling and a TV unmistakable from the kitchen, disguised behind boards that turn, raise and slide open. The even grain of the wood guides perspectives to the vast openings at the back and past to the yard and mentor house. As the spaces of the inside are joined through perspectives and materials, the mentor house and house are personally associated in the same manner. Each is clad in an alternate warm tone of wood polish fi ber concrete boards with adjusting creases and window openings, permitting copious perspectives betwen them.

Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-05 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-06 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-07 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-08 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-09 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-10 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-11 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-12 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-13 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-14 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-15 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-16 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-17 Annex-House-by-DUBBELDAM-Architecture-+-Design-18

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