Horizon Apartment by Barea + Partners

Horizon Apartment by Barea + Partners

Architects: Barea + Partners
Location: Valencia, Spain
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Arantxa Fernandez

At the highest point of a lofts tower of the Levante coast, with the Horizon as a canvas, and under the reason of making a tempting space that welcomes to contemplation; Barea+Partners, through a radical change to the design, makes another space that swinging to the ocean, figures out how to inundate the level in the quality of peacefulness of the coast.


The home is composed as an arrangement of spaces associated by a sculptural component that beginning in a marble wellspring situated at the corridor of the level, achieves the façade through the kitchen, and isolates the conditions of the room, lounge, and lounge area.


Every line has been facilitated to make isolated volumes where roundabout lighting is coordinated, giving the venture a formal immaculateness, that together with shrewdly chose materials and improvement, produces a chromatic agreement and feeling of peace.

Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-03 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-04 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-05 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-06 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-07 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-08 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-09 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-10 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-11 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-12 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-13 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-14 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-15 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-16 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-17 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-18 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-19 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-20 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-21 Horizon-Apartment-by-Barea-+-Partners-22

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