Kobe 1 villa renovation by MM ++ Architects

Kobe 1 villa renovation by MM ++ Architects

Architects: MM ++ Architects
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Hiroyuki OKI

This is the second manor of our “compelling remodel” venture in east suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, District 2.


Same with respect to our task Thao Dien house #1, beginning from a low quality existing development, the manor has been transformed into contemporary open spaces while keeping the whole existing solid structure.


The building has been decreased to its solid casing and reshaped with another foot shaped impression and another staircase position.


On the ground floor, front room, eating and kitchen are converged in one interesting space completely open to the outside on three sides same our past task, however this time with tweaked steel outline windows on turn bringing a “retro-vintage” feeling to the configuration and in addition the modern look dark steel staircase.


On the first floor, four rooms with twofold block divider protected and timber sliding louvers to keep from direct daylight and permit crossing ventilation.


Same as Thao Dien House #1, the current house had no quality, increasing the value of a costly land with a considerable measure of potential.


Where Thao Dien manor #1 was building up a solid spotlight on the “vegetal”, endeavors on Thao Dien estate #2 have been concentrating on making a feeling of the spot with the utilization of reused blocks, uncovered cement and steel outline windows.

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