How to Obtain a Florida Contractor’s License

4-Point Checklist: How to Obtain a Florida Contractor’s License


Becoming a contractor is an excellent career choice if you aspire to work in the construction industry.

Understand the different types of contractor jobs available and how to obtain your contractor’s license to start your future successfully.


Types of Contractors  

Obtaining a contractor’s licenses allows you to pursue different types of work. Whether you prefer to focus on general, building, or residential projects, you possess the freedom to follow your dream.

Learn about the variety of contractor positions available to understand what type of work interests you.


General Contractor

A general contractor is able to pursue any type of construction work.

Regardless of the type or size of the job, a general contractor can accept, organize, and accomplish any project that comes their way.


Building Contractor  

A building contractor is able to work on residential and commercial projects that don’t exceed three stories in height.

With a wide variety of options, building contractors are able to select substantial jobs, whether for large companies or homeowners, that intrigue them.


Residential Contractor

A residential contractor is able to primarily work on one, two, or three family residences that don’t exceed two stories in height.

If you’re interested in building homes, becoming a residential contractor will grant you the skills and experience needed to perfect your craft.


Obtaining a Contractor’s License  

Before you can begin work as a general, building or residential contractor, you must obtain a contractor’s license.

Earning a license requires numerous steps to prove your qualifications to work as a contractor in construction.

Depending on your state’s requirements, you’ll likely be expected to earn experience, meet business obligations, pass multiple exams, and ultimately apply for your license.

Follow this 4-point checklist for obtaining a contractor’s license in the state of Florida:


  1. Earn Experience

Gaining experience in construction is essential for earning your contractor’s license.

The experience required ranges from formal education, hands-on work, and familiarity with a foreman’s job responsibilities.

Combinations of experience you can earn to qualify for a contractor’s license include:

  • A four year degree in construction with one year of hands-on experience
  • One year of foreman experience with three years of college credits
  • One year of hands-on experience, one year of work as a foreman, and two years of college credits
  • Two years of hands-on experience, one year of work as a foreman, and one year of college credits
  • Four years of hands-on experience with one year of work as a foreman

Build your career in construction by reviewing the possible combinations of education and hands-on work required for becoming a licensed contractor. 


  1. Provide Proof of Business

To obtain your contractor’s license, your current business must provide proof of proper insurance.

Demonstrate the responsible nature of your business by supplying important information regarding your current insurance policies and financial situation.

The information required includes a certain type and level of public liability and property damage insurance, worker’s compensation, and an adequate credit score or bond.

Gather important information about your business’s full coverage to qualify for a contractor’s license in Florida.


  1. Pass Exams 

Studying and passing exams is a vital component of earning your contractor’s license.

There are three tests you must pass with a 70%: A business and finance exam, a contract administration exam, and a project administration exam.

Review a variety of study materials, such as books and available prep courses, to find the perfect study method for you.

Take your time to carefully study, learn, and memorize the material to ensure you pass each exam.

Study and pass your exams to obtain your contractor’s license.


  1. Apply for Your License

Lastly, apply for your license to officially become a licensed contractor.

Complete the legal requirements and provide proof of your experience and test scores.

Apply for your license through the proper channels to start your career as a licensed contractor successfully.

If you’re interested in starting a career as a contractor, obtain your Florida contractor’s license to achieve your dream.  

Whether you want to be a general, commercial, or residential contractor, gain the necessary experience, insurance, and training courses to become a licensed contractor.

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