The Corner Residence by Bower Architecture

The Corner Residence by Bower Architecture

Architects: Bower Architecture
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2014
Area: 4.951 sqft / 460 sqm
Photo courtesy: Shannon McGrath

A vital piece of our rationality is that the best outline arrangements leave the most troublesome spatial issues. The brief for the Corner House gave us the necessity for a moderately expansive house and inside spaces on a medium measured site. The test was the way to fulfill this brief with a contemporary manageable house that joined with a quality outside space and brought about an energizing outer expression that was touchy to its environment.


As opposed to the conventional incorporation of front and raise plants, the configuration idea relinquished a back patio nursery so as to make a solitary, greater front greenhouse. The aftereffect of siting the new staying towards the southern backside of the site to expand the mishap from the primary facade results in a house which is both energizing and limited in its road vicinity, fulfilling its brief and great maintainable configuration standards.


Outer bends and screens relax the designed sculptural façade, which skims over its solid base. The assortment of inside living spaces are filled plentiful normal light, cross ventilation and warm materials, bringing about an agreeable and open low vitality home lasting through the year.


The Corner can be lessened into two basic thoughts; a house with one high convenience garden and a separated building mass. When this was illuminated amid the configuration process numerous future outline choices could be made with respect to these two interlocking thoughts – how assembling mass was separated and mellowed, where the living spaces and rooms would be, the manner by which the passage would work etc, the statement of the house to the road and bystander et cetera.


We comprehend that the scale and extent of a building is a key need in Architecture and expect to painstakingly adjust these to accomplish critical results. The Corner is sited, formed and orientated to permit its proprietors to appreciate a liveable and inviting house which connects with scene and streetscape.

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