Layers of White by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Layers of White by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Architects: Pitsou Kedem Architects
Location: Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2014
Area: 4.382 sqft / 500 sqm
Photo courtesy: Amit Geron

An extensive, penthouse condo fabricated around a focal roundabout theme that partitions the habitation into two sections with a slender, long passageway that, fundamentally, separates the home into two particular wings.


While trying to unite the two areas and change the solid core into an association between the spaces, the draftsman secured it with dynamic, growing geometrically molded compositions particularly intended for the task. The cladding is three dimensional and produced using extensive sheets of white painted aluminum held tight the core’s roof. The loft’s spaces were intended to make a reflective climate with monochromatic sheets all in light of the shading white. Through a play on light and shadow and surfaces, different layers of white, just about “brilliant” in their extravagance are made, showing numerous shifted and profound tints of white.


The condo screen dividers, initially little aluminum squares, were traded for colossal windows with no level divisions that permit the urban scene to blast into the flat’s spaces. The city’s dynamism, its profundity and wealth of shading, its varying scenes, all discover expression in the monochromatic, practically devout space that appears to welcome the urban environment to mix with the lofts outline. Layers of unadulterated, delicate white, which seem to have tackled an alternate recurrence and qualities from the beat of the city. The geometric, creating shapes as bunches of triangles resonates, regardless of its whiteness, with the city’s heartbeat and vitality. The same triangular bunches show up as a theme on the gallery’s “green” divider that was particularly intended for the loft and in which we will put plants in comparative geometric casings.


The flats light fittings finish the considered and thrifty look of the loft’s lines. Long, thin segments of light underline the linier pivot along the length of the passage and roof apparatuses that show up as works of origami compliment the triangular, three dimensional dividers. Shrouded lighting is introduced along the dividers that underlines the surfaces of the triangles and makes, from the focal divider a divider that is likewise a model, sensational and dynamic. In this manner the flat’s different layers of white make an astonishing profundity and geometrical, unique and clear structures against an unadulterated scenery and a diminishment in the loft’s hues. The planner’s decision of such an ascetic and quiet environment give the ideal setting that empowers the space to include the whole city seen not too far off.

Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-04 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-05 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-06 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-07 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-08 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-09 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-10 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-11 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-12 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-13 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-14 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-15 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-16 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-17 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-18 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-19 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-20 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-21 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-22 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-23 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-24 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-25 Layers-of-White-by-Pitsou-Kedem-Architects-26

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