Four Eyes House by Edward Ogosta Architecture

Four Eyes House by Edward Ogosta Architecture

Architects: Edward Ogosta Architecture
Location: Coachella Valley, Southern California, USA
Area: 3,800 sqft
Photo courtesy: Edward Ogosta Architecture

A weekend desert home for a family and their pooch, the Four Eyes House is an activity in site-particular experiential programming. As opposed to arranging the house as per a local useful project, the building was outlined first as an instrument for increasing various on location extraordinary occasions.


Four “dozing towers” are situated towards four spatiotemporal survey encounters: morning dawn toward the east, mountain reach toward the south, evening city lights toward the west, and evening time stars overhead. Every tower contains a smaller top-floor room, measured just for the bed, and each with a remarkable opening coordinated towards the perspective. These rooms are just as measured and unassigned, such that the family’s dozing areas can be pivoted in light of every individual’s sought review experience. Vertical course inside of the towers is correspondingly particularized (e.g. stepping stools, winding stair, bend stair, or shallow-riser stair). Ground-floor normal spaces shape a free connective field between the discrete tower volumes, and offer a more penetrable relationship to the scene.


The impressions of resting and waking are accordingly bent by the building’s foregrounding of heightened nearby experiential occasions. By dozing in a room hoisted off the ground and open to the stars, one may possess a profound pocket of hush for a couple of minutes, and maybe even see the development of the Earth, as it gradually pivots underneath the stars.

Four-Eyes-House-03-0 Four-Eyes-House-03-1 Four-Eyes-House-03-2 Four-Eyes-House-03-3 Four-Eyes-House-03 Four-Eyes-House-04 Four-Eyes-House-05 Four-Eyes-House-06 Four-Eyes-House-07 Four-Eyes-House-11 Four-Eyes-House-12 Four-Eyes-House-13 Four-Eyes-House-14 Four-Eyes-House-15 Four-Eyes-House-16 Four-Eyes-House-17 Four-Eyes-House-18 Four-Eyes-House-19 Four-Eyes-House-20

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