Luxury Macalister Mansion by Ministry of Design

Luxury Macalister Mansion by Ministry of Design

Location: Penang, Malaysia
Photo courtesy: Macalister Mansion

Welcome to the Macalister Mansion, a quirky and sophisticated lifestyle destination where our guests are welcome to relish a series of experiences not unlike those found in the hospitality of an actual home – good food, fine drink, engaging conversation, soothing music, great art, a good night’s sleep or simply lounging by the pool. The Macalister Mansion is associated with the good things in life and having a great time at a scale that is both intimate and personal.


Housed in a beautiful 100 year old historic mansion that has been conserved and adapted, each of the 6 different F&B and Hotel entities can be enjoyed as part of the overall Macalister Mansion experience but are branded as distinct rooms or spaces that are typically found in a mansion – the dining room, the den, the living room, the lawn & eight rooms.


The name Macalister Mansion honours Penang’s British Governor Colonel Normal Macalister and you will find numerous references to this historic figure captured in a host of specially commissioned installation art pieces throughout the grounds and spaces.

Macalister-Mansion-03 Macalister-Mansion-04 Macalister-Mansion-05 Macalister-Mansion-06 Macalister-Mansion-07 Macalister-Mansion-08 Macalister-Mansion-09 Macalister-Mansion-10 Macalister-Mansion-11 Macalister-Mansion-12 Macalister-Mansion-13 Macalister-Mansion-14 Macalister-Mansion-15 Macalister-Mansion-16 Macalister-Mansion-17 Macalister-Mansion-18 Macalister-Mansion-19 Macalister-Mansion-20 Macalister-Mansion-21 Macalister-Mansion-22 Macalister-Mansion-23 Macalister-Mansion-24 Macalister-Mansion-25 Macalister-Mansion-26 Macalister-Mansion-27 Macalister-Mansion-28 Macalister-Mansion-29 Macalister-Mansion-30 Macalister-Mansion-31 Macalister-Mansion-32 Macalister-Mansion-33 Macalister-Mansion-34 Macalister-Mansion-35 Macalister-Mansion-36 Macalister-Mansion-37

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