Renovation of an apartment located inside a former school of music in a XIX century building in the historic center of Siena

Renovation of an apartment located inside a former school of music in a XIX century building in the historic center of Siena

Architects: CMTArchitects
Location: Monteriggioni, Province of Siena, Italy
Year: 2016
Area: 4.306 ft²/ 400 m²
Photo courtesy: Centrofotografico

“The project concerns the renovation of an apartment located inside a former school of music in a XIX century building in the historic center of Siena.


The Nineteenth century municipal property Palazzo has been divided into apartments and auctioned. The apartment cuts are very nice and allow interesting joints that became a wealth for the project.


The apartment is located on the first floor and develops on two levels around a courtyard. One of the main objectives of this project was to emphasize the presence of the double level by putting in visual communication the two floors with a gallery in the center of the living area that enhances the considerable height of the undivided environment.


The apartment presents on the lower floor, living area, dining room and kitchen with two bedrooms and a bathroom and on the upper floor a gallery which leads to an environment loft with open views on the rest of the house. The living area at the entrance and the gallery and the loft upstairs incorporate an internal courtyard on which many windows of the apartment open. This environment becomes a secondary light source for the apartment and create interesting unexpected visuals.


Southwards the apartment windows overlook the historic center skyline of Siena with some of its most important monuments.


The project is based on the building central wall that crosses the environment from north to south and it’s a lime-coloured paste plaster pulled to iron, the wall comes up till the roof with framing in view free from false ceilings that had hidden it for about 200 years. The warping beams and terra cotta tiles in was lime treated too.


All the other walls are of white plaster. The floors of the lower ground are made with a warm grey material resin and bathrooms floors and coverings are made of the same finishing. The upper ground floor is made with a natural oak parquet. The internal staircase that connects the two levels of the apartment is in plate t crude iron natural wax treated, with the parapet in stretched metal mesh.


Some parts of the apartment are made of suspended ceiling with lateral channels to accommodate the led lighting for a wall-washer effect. Three black industrial bell lamps descend from the ceiling on the dining table, the rest of the lighting system is made with led lighting fixture with direct and indirect light.


Furnishings are partially of recovery partially on design.”

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