Banqueting House in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov

Banqueting House in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov

Architects: Shamsudin Kerimov
Location: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Shamsudin Kerimov

In the open feasting territory is an expansive eating table and a solid kitchen for coating – chimney with seating zone. The whole roof is a huge light – for waterway structure shrouded LED strip light that sparkle otraschennym, this arrangement permits you to outwardly make a feeling of taking off roof. On the top of the administration of the green rooftop with a patio nursery. And in addition the meeting, together with the clients was designed the idea of change. In a mind boggling environment and scene development needs to rest and relaxation.

Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-01 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-02 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-03 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-04 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-05 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-06 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-07 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-08 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-09 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-10 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-11 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-12 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-13 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-14 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-15 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-16 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-17 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-18 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-19 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-20 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-21 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-22 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-23 Banqueting-House-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-24

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