OE House by Fake Industries Architectural Agonism + Aixopluc

OE House by Fake Industries Architectural Agonism + Aixopluc

Architects: Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Aixopluc
Location: Alforja, Tarragona, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 3,552 ft²/ 330 m²
Photo courtesy: José Hevia

The OE House is a montage. The customers needed a twofold house, so they could move from one half to the next, as per their perspective. They didn’t care to spend their occasions voyaging; they wanted to move ground floor, and do it without a doubt, shutting the quarters above. We furnished them with two surely understood residential situations—the open casing of the contextual investigation houses for the gluttonous joy of the warm season, finished with the interiorized existentialism of Le Corbusier’s Maison Jaoul for the breezy months in la Sierra de la Mussara. We did it actually. The subsequent choice cadaver—wrapped by the most Spanish building prop of all: the persiana—guarantees the schizophrenic separation of methods of home as much as it arranges the unimaginable experience of both sorts.


The OE family needed a mas (customary Catalan rustic home) with two houses in one: a mid year house on the ground floor and a winter house on the main floor, on a hazel tree field at the edge of Alforja, a provincial town with an atmosphere more amazing, icy and blustery than whatever remains of the el Camp area.


We looked into the neighborhood rustic developments typologies and an occasional film that reacts to day by day climate changes. Gaining from unknown neighboring contextual investigations, we achieved a junction between a mas and a laborer’s storage facility. Creating open source frameworks and exchangeable fixings, investigating two digression extremes in the middle of paleontology and development: we recovered the verging on overlooked volta catalana neighborhood strategy, and adjusted industrialized parts that originated from far off, so that the house could be inherent twelve months.


Picking the wrong contractual worker backed this procedure off to four and a half years. Meanwhile, the bank decreased 30% the beginning concurred advance. Keeping in mind the end goal to spare the house, we investigated a drastically hopeful administration of difficulty and instability, where every misfortune was a chance to construct a less expensive and better made home, with a breath of collection and bricolage air.


The customers, the OE family lived right in front. Every late spring, in the development site, they played and showered among the hazel trees, stayed outdoors on the rooftop, while their new home gradually developed. This since quite a while ago shared strength test has given us a nearby engagement with their family, the developers and neighborhood skilled workers. To praise it, we welcomed everybody to a calçotada, (customary winter feast) where we cooked and had some good times together.

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