Martis Camp – Lot 189 by Swaback Partners

Martis Camp – Lot 189 by Swaback Partners

Architects: Swaback Partners
Location: Martis Camp, Lake Tahoe, California, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Vance Fox

A home for the high Sierra’s that does not fall in accordance with the customary territorial structural planning that for the most part is a dull and overwhelming creation. Rather, the idea was to commend the light and vaporous sentiment snow and the impacts that it can convey to the insides.

Martis-Camp-Lot-189-01 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-02 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-03 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-04 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-05 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-06 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-07 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-08 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-09 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-10 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-11 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-12 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-13 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-14 Martis-Camp-Lot-189-15

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