NDA Planter by no.555 Takuya Tsuchida

NDA Planter by studio no.555 Tsuchida Takuya

Architects: studio no.555 Tsuchida Takuya
Location: Yokohama , Kanagawa , Japan
Area: 2,024 sqft / 188 sqm
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Koichi Torimura

The project NDA (PLANTER) is situated on top of a precarious slant in “Yamate Bluff”, Yokohama, Japan. This territory offers all encompassing perspectives over the city and the Mount Fuji. In the region there is a little however lovely stop that has numerous protected houses and is famous among visitors.


Since I trust that building configuration ought to regard and test the capability of a range and the immediate environment, the NDA venture is profoundly joined with the “Yamate Bluff Load” attributes. The “Yamate Bluff Load” is a region highlighting numerous holding dividers. The surface and the veneers’ general appearance is propelled by this distinction.


Lessening the standard size of the solid boards influenced the measure of mortar joints, along these lines making a by one means or another more occupied example. Another aim was to highlight the “handcrafted feel” with a rich mixed bag of solid tones and an arbitrary format of the solid boards.


A few plywood hues were utilized for the molds as a part of request to “exchange” the assorted qualities of the shades onto the solid boards. This method could be considered as a characteristic partner of the use of lye.In expansion the venture’s objective was to join the clashing customer’s solicitations : offering huge openings to appreciate the heavenly perspectives, while having some security from neighbors.


The building is a wrapped 3D square where the main vital voids are sliced off to permit light and air to stream inside.A feeling of openness is offered gratitude to the huge outside patios. The building itself is verging on like a grower. . . .The openings’ format takes after a vertical and even nonexistent matrix.


The set patterns of the veneer welcome “plants gardens” on every floor. Time changes things, children climate stones. Structural planning is a piece of that common process.Nevertheless I am persuaded that building design can make due for quite a while and exist together with the encompassing environment.

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