Modern House in Dionysos by Nikos Koukourakis & Associates

Modern House in Dionysos by Nikos Koukourakis & Associates

Architects: Nikos Koukourakis & Associates
Location: Dionysos, Attica, Greece
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Vangelis Paterakis

The principle structural believed was to plan a present day house with straight lines and huge openings to a level greenery enclosure. This empowers the characteristic light to go through each space of the house, diminishing the measure of vitality expected to enlighten the house.


The consistent optical dialog between within and the outside is accomplished by the 3.50m (every board) sliding windows that show up in the fundamental height. The house was initially composed in everything about a PC 3-D model, which permitted to have a superior comprehension of the building’s connection with the earth.


The building overwhelms with its well put together lines, while its volume is part, without being broken down, from the rich perimetric openings providing for it a vaporous sense by means of to their presentation to regular light. The huge glass surfaces leave a for all time open dialog with outside, without making minimal feeling of separation in the inside of the house.


House-in-Dionysos-00-3 House-in-Dionysos-00 House-in-Dionysos-01-1 House-in-Dionysos-01 House-in-Dionysos-02 House-in-Dionysos-03 House-in-Dionysos-04 House-in-Dionysos-05 House-in-Dionysos-06-1 House-in-Dionysos-06 House-in-Dionysos-07 House-in-Dionysos-08 House-in-Dionysos-09 House-in-Dionysos-10 House-in-Dionysos-11 House-in-Dionysos-13 House-in-Dionysos-14 House-in-Dionysos-20 House-in-Dionysos-21 House-in-Dionysos-22 House-in-Dionysos-23 House-in-Dionysos-24 House-in-Dionysos-26

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