2996 West 11th Residence with punctuated white brick facade by Randy Bens Architect

2996 West 11th Residence with punctuated white brick facade by Randy Bens Architect

Architects: Randy Bens Architect
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Year: 2016
Area: 3.400 ft²/ 316 m²
Photo courtesy: Sama Jim Canzian

“This project is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia and is situated on a corner lot. The lot is also wider than the typical Vancouver lot.


The building addresses its long public frontage with a punctuated white brick facade. The brick is handled two ways on this facade. It forms a strong base with planes that extend into the landscape defining entries and outdoor spaces. The upper brick plane floats above delicate corner glazed windows, defining the upper deck and adding visual tension. The planes fly past the dark cedar walls, and impart movement to the facade that we felt was appropriate for its corner lot setting.


The interior is filled with light, and the owner wanted to feel the full width of the lot on the main floor. The plan is very open, and very little cabinetry goes to the ceiling. The expansiveness is reinforced by the large floor opening at the stair, which features a bamboo stand emanating from the lower floor. The punctuated openings in the white brick wall frame views to the west, and east light is brought in from sideyard windows centered around the stair and bamboo garden. The stair rail is solid, giving the bamboo a neutral backdrop and adding to the gallery-like feel.


The interior material palette is deliberately simple, and timeless. Wide plank oak flooring is contrasted with darker walnut cabinetry and panelling throughout, which in turn is set off by simple and elegant white tile and counter tops.”

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