Bunker House by Estudio Botteri-Connell

Bunker House by Estudio Botteri-Connell

Architects: Estudio Botteri-Connell
Location: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2011
Photos: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

GRAVITY constructs SPACE and LIGHT forms TIME. Structural engineering as a CONSTRUCTED IDEA” Alberto Campo Baeza. The house has been implicit a rural neighborhood and has been thought for somebody who will live there for all time and whose youngsters, companions and couple will visit them every once in a while.


From gatherings with the customer, numerous ideas emerge that look for architectonical answers: “a house which can incorporate social life in direct connection with the outside, having a space in it which has and ensures closeness. A space where one can stay while whatever is left of the house stays snoozing. A reflection space; a transient desert garden.”


In light of these ideas, at first sight the house is fabricated along two distinct components: the Bunker that is strong, hermetic, practically impervious; and the open, penetrable Action region that breaks down the cutoff points in steady development .


The Bunker is a particular idyllic picture, a primitive safe house, a home for forlorn dreams and a personal space. Essentially drained of the outside, it “opens up” a bigger universe, holding the Dweller in their complete reality.


The Bunker presents itself to the outside as stony, still, immemorial as a cut rock. In any case, lines cross it through, that shape it and imprint it… GRAVITY, LIGHT, WATER and AIR diagram TIME and SPACE. Its inside format “heartbeats of the person who lives in it”- characterizes a warm, delicate and expandable heart… Geometry is surpassed.


The winding staircase quits being a negligible association component between far off focuses to end up a passage to a grandiose and secretive universe, a departure from normal life every now and then and a sentiment “climb” drawn by the advancement of the pivotal center… The Infinite.


The Action Plan – made up of straightforward layers, white dividers and huge tiling surfaces-characterizes zones implanted in a bigger one which truth be told are the real furthest reaches of the plot of area.


The unbiased Green and its distinctive degrees of seizure. The Water, with its driving part in regular life, is now and again a mirror and now and again amusement however dependably an association between the World and ME.


The Light goes delicately through the solid dividers. The Gravity for all time confronting test. Furthermore, there come Lines Again: Family Lines, Friendship Lines and Work Lines making space always stream. It is a spot for social life. Among them, neglecting the scene, solid walls rise.

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