3 Ways to Make a Small Patio Feel Larger Than Life

3 Ways to Make a Small Patio Feel Larger Than Life

Did you notice that after a few years of living in an apartment you craved being outside? Yes, you had a courtyard you could walk through and a swimming pool you could lounge by, but neither could give you the freedom you desired.

To be able to walk out through the back door and into your very own private outdoor space was a heaven you thought you could only a dream of…that is, until you bought your own place!

Though your patio be but small, with the right furnishings and vegetation, you can make it fierce (snaps fingers in a zig-zag pattern)!

Are you ready to learn three patio decorating tricks? Alrighty then, let’s go ahead get started!

*Do Look Down

Before you dress the patio with furniture, look down to the floor. To create an inventive and thoughtful space, designer Amber Throne shared with HouseBeautiful that patterned flooring can pull the space together, even if it’s made up of just a couple folding chairs and potted plants.

Laying down tile or patterned rug on the patio flooring might seem peculiar as it will already have flooring, be it concrete or wood. But consider this: we often lay down an area rug in the living room and bedroom to finish the look of the room; why can’t we do the same with the patio? For a visually stunning patio display go for a monochrome pattern. The subtly of the color of the pattern will draw the eye down and create a calming effect for the patio user. It’ll also help accentuate other furnishings in the space, like potted trees and succulents!

The Vertical Lift

If you live in a condo or duplex and don’t have a backyard, you’ll be wishing for the greenery and perfume of blossoming plants. You can have your verdant garden even without a corner of dirt—you can have it on your patio!

In an interview with HGTV, landscape designer Deborah Gliksman recommends that patio users outfit the space with small trees. The trees will help the eyes to travel up and along the space while also providing shade and a sweet fragrance. Not sure what type of trees to get? No problem! Glicksman says that “if you want trees, look for specimens that will stay small. There is a wide selection of patio trees—everything from Japanese Maples to Crape Myrtles. Just be sure to check the label for mature growing size before you buy.”

If the trees don’t help to make your patio space feel bigger but you like all the green, hang a large mirror on the opposite wall. The mirror will open the space by reflecting the light and vegetation in the patio.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

As it is perhaps the most important element of the patio, the patio furniture will need to be comfortable and well-sized for the space. Placing a large, puffed outdoor sofa on the patio will visually and physically shrink the space, making it feel cramped when it should feel light and airy.

Invest in patio furnishings that double as storage or can support other elements in the space. Consider the Equinox Fire Table designed by the Brown Jordan Fires design company. The outdoor coffee table doubles as a coffee table AND fire pit! Instead of being forced to sacrifice space, patio furnishings like the Equinox Fire Table allow you to combine elements that’ll make your patio a special place to venture to in the twilight evenings.

Patio size doesn’t matter; it’s how you use the patio that does. By following just a few simple suggestions you can turn your patio into something great.


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