Renovation of a Loft in Strasbourg by MYSPACEPLANNER

Renovation of a Loft in Strasbourg by MYSPACEPLANNER

Location: Strasbourg, France
Year: 2013
Area: 1,076 sqft
Photo courtesy: MYSPACEPLANNER

It is in a residential estate Strasbourg dating from the 70 team was MYSPACEPLANNER missionnée to renovate and customize an entire T3bis 100m² apartment type. Passion for design, our customers have imposed on us a guideline of optimizing space and creating a contemporary world where furniture by designers and objects could speak freely.


The yellow-gold hue sanitaryware and the deep blue posed only on the carrier central wall of the apartment are the only touches of color. The rest is declined in neutral and warm tones, noted by wooden floors large blades that accentuates the depth of the apartment. In addition, we created a luminous scenography to make the most of the places and highlight the collection of customer objects.


Two months of significant work was needed to make this apartment a unique place in the image of our clients. We thank them for their trust. We also congratulate Christophe Laurent of ZTPM society, a young entrepreneur Lorraine who coordinated and directed the successive phases of the work.

Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-03 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-04 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-05Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-06 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-07 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-08 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-09 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-10 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-11 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-12 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-13 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-14 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-15 Renovation-of-a-Loft-in-Strasbourg-16

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