Home in Mosonmagyaróvár by TOTH PROJECT

Home in Mosonmagyaróvár by TOTH PROJECT

Location: Mosonmagyaróvár, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Hungary
Photo courtesy: TOTH PROJECT

The building can be found in a quiet, suburban residential park of Mosonmagyaróvár of north-western Hungary. It is a one-family house for a four-person family.


Fortunately our relationship with the clients began in an early stage, for the site selection. In the built up and inhabited environment an ideally wide site was selected on which we tried to realize the dream of our clients in a partly vaulted, modern building.


Compilation of the planning program was the result of a collaboration as well creating a constructive co-operation between the architect and the clients already in the first, acquainting stage.


The layout and the functional connections got a special attention since the one-family house should reflect the practices of the members of the family as the life space of them. The T-shape ground plan strings the rooms after each other in the simplest functional order.


The main entrance is located in the focus of the building, where, by means of the glass structures you can get in contact not only with the spacious interiors but with the garden as well. The day (living) functions – the one-space living-room-kitchen-dining room and the study-spare bedroom – were planned in the cross-wing from the street. The wing withdrawn from the street front made possible to use larger doors and windows providing the proper intimacy and utilizing the advantages of the southeaster orientation. The dining room-kitchen-living-room part is made with a larger ceiling height, with a penthouse roof of low inclination and box-like rises from the deck-roof. The upper strip windows looking onto the courtyard counterbalance the shading effect of the porch and provide the proper natural lighting in the day space.


In the remaining longitudinal wing of the building the service functions e.g. the garage, housekeeping room, the cellar-steps and the sleeping zone are located. A garden bathing lake is a clients’ demand already from the beginning. Given from the layout the lake together with the porch became the heart of the house so the sight of the water “flows in” almost the all rooms by means of the floor-length windows and doors.


The outside appearance is fundamentally determined by three materials. The dark, rusty façade covering emphasizes the mass of the day block; it is enclosed by the white plastered building block. The greyish stone facing beside the entrance runs out both inside and outside along the wall forming the main axis of the whole building.


Also the interior design is characterized by simplicity and individuality both in materials, colours and furniture. The stylish recommendations of the female member of the client couple considerably contributed to the easy-flowing working process. The planning process was an excellent motivation for her to begin interior designer studies after completing the building.


For furnishing functionality and comfort were of primary importance keeping the spaciousness of the rooms.


The surface combinations of white colour and wooden effect dominate in the whole house. Open to below of the kitchen and the living-room is broken by the suspended ceiling integrating the light fixtures. The long circulation area is loosened with dark ribs which connect the spaces to each other running along also the rooms.

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