The Best Areas for Plants in Your Home

The Best Areas for Plants in Your Home


Home planting has been a popular hobby for a long time. Many people enjoy growing houseplants, vegetables, small fruits, or herbs at home to augment their kitchens or for aesthetics. Of course, keeping all those plants properly potted and happy can prove a challenge, more so for some than others. Amish planters and plant stands are a great start because they are designed to allow plants room to grow and prosper, especially outside on the balcony or patio.

Inside or outside

Inside or outside, proper placement of house plants depends largely on the type of plant. Trees, ferns, and herbs will appreciate a nice windowsill. Consistent direct lighting is not always ideal, especially for smaller plants that are used to getting covered by taller ones. Avoid a northerly facing for most plants as the large amount of direct light may cause them to wither. Herbs especially can grow just about anywhere, even in a magnet pot attached to a refrigerator.

For placing plants inside, indoor plant stands offer a wider variety of location options other than just a windowsill. As for the outside, placing potted plants out in the world can be done, but it does have some potential hazards. Namely, the biggest outside hazards are likely to be insects and animals eating them, but also the pot getting too hot and cooking the plant’s roots. By and large, indoor plants tend to be best left indoors.

The Best Areas for Plants in Your Home

As for inside the home, as mentioned earlier, lighting is one of the most important indicators of where to place a plant so that it can grow happy and healthy without receiving too much sunlight and drying out. Some good places to place potted plants might not be as obvious as others. For example, the top of a cabinet can prove a good place for plants, as the height keeps it away from pets and can provide consistent, but not powerful, lighting.

Entry tables are another good location, for similar reasons. Stands also provide a lovely location for house plants, and can help add to the décor of a room. Purchasing the right stand can be enhance the look of a room as well as help ensure a safe and healthy plant. With the right stand, a house plant can be placed almost anywhere for a beautiful look that accentuates the room and the home overall.

On desks or ledges

In general, though, desks and ledges make for a great place to put a house plants. Stands allow for a variety of locations within the home, and with the right stand tables, too, can be home to a house plant. Sturdy stands are also great for outdoor plant placing. The right stand offers all sort of versatility when it comes to plant locations. Just make sure if you do place your plants outdoors they can handle the weather.

The Best Areas for Plants in Your Home

If you live in a windy area, supporting the stand with some weights so it doesn’t blow over is also a good idea. With the variety of stands you can find online, though, a good, solid, heavy stand should be easy to find. Make sure you put it into place before filling it with dirt, though, because otherwise it will be really heavy and difficult to move.

This is true for most house plants. The weight of dirt and their top-heavy nature can make moving them difficult, so make sure you find the right spot before you make the purchases. If it’s too late, be careful when moving the plants. Either way, finding the right place for a house plant, indoors or outdoors, depends largely on lighting and buying the right stand.

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