Beach House in Las Arenas by Javier Artadi Arquitectos

Beach House in Las Arenas by Javier Artadi Arquitectos

Architects: Javier Artadi Arquitectos
Location: Lima, Peru
Area: 2,300 square foot
Photos: Alexander Kornhuber

The undertaking comprises of a little house on a shoreline a hundred miles south of Lima and investigates the development of the routine employments of a shoreline house. To that end, a compartment box has been made, a space that coordinates the living-lounge area and patio with pool, inside which different components have been outlined (routine and whimsical furniture) that offer numerous utilization alternatives.

House-in-Las-Arenas-01Compositionally, the volume has been deliberately punctured along a few planes so as to control daylight and to accomplish a particular visual methodology (towards the sky, the , and so forth.), and it has been purposely suspended over the patio nursery to include a demeanor of weightlessness and opportunity to the building knowledge of the clients.

House-in-Las-Arenas-02Practically, the primary volume is encompassed by resting and administration regions. There the kitchen and main room can be discovered, which are both outwardly associated with the patio and pool, and through them, with the horizon.


The undertaking means to consolidate another typological alternative developing the architectonic phantom of the desert shoreline of Peru in the beginnings of this new century.


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