Plak Residence by Propeller Z

Plak Residence by Propeller Z

Architects: Propeller Z
Location: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Hertha Hurnaus

Going about as a family home, the “Plak ” living arrangement has cultivates and porches that keep the occupants unequivocally joined with nature. Three qualities of the site prompted the structure’s shape and measure – steep, long and limit. Keeping in mind the end goal to have the best perspectives and space course of action, the structural planning needed to end up part of the territory – this brought about cantilevered and cut volumes.


The section on the ground floor invites family and visitor with a sculptural staircase paving the way to one of the rooms and the workplace space. A reflected divider mirrors the exquisite wooden states of the staircase and everybody can make the most of its strange geometric shape while heading upstairs. The main floor home office is overflowed with normal light and exemplified in a section glass part bookshelf division. The upper floors incorporate living and exciting zones and the cutting edge kitchen – these advantage from normal light and stunning perspectives. Porches with sliding glass entryways open up the insides to the outside space, while dull encircled windows catch perspectives of the area and the death of seasons.

Plak-Residence-01-2 Plak-Residence-01 Plak-Residence-02 Plak-Residence-03-1 Plak-Residence-03-2 Plak-Residence-03 Plak-Residence-04 Plak-Residence-05 Plak-Residence-06 Plak-Residence-07 Plak-Residence-08 Plak-Residence-09-1 Plak-Residence-09 Plak-Residence-10-1 Plak-Residence-10 Plak-Residence-11 Plak-Residence-12 Plak-Residence-13 Plak-Residence-14 Plak-Residence-15 Plak-Residence-16 Plak-Residence-17-1 Plak-Residence-17 Plak-Residence-20 Plak-Residence-21 Plak-Residence-22 Plak-Residence-23 Plak-Residence-24 Plak-Residence-25 Plak-Residence-26

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