House THE by N-lab Architects

House THE by N-Lab Architects

Architects: N-Lab Architects
Location: Grand Duchy, Luxembourg
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: N-lab architects

The unmistakably characterized volumes play with the ideas of greatness and daintiness. A stroll around the single-family house uncovers immovably secured volumes and skimming bodies making substantial shades. The four exteriors were treated with respect to neighborhood conditions. The couple of openings to neighboring structures are incompletely secured in wooden braces keeping in mind the end goal to channel the perspectives from and to the most private regions.


The biggest opening is on the patio nursery side, where the whole first floor is raised off the ground,, to amplify the living region and to obscure the limits between within and the outside. The quantity of materials in the inside have been constrained to make a quiet climate and to concentrate on the numerous perspectives outside the house.

House-THE-02 House-THE-03 House-THE-04 House-THE-05 House-THE-06 House-THE-07-1 House-THE-07 House-THE-08 House-THE-09 House-THE-10 House-THE-11 House-THE-12 House-THE-13 House-THE-14 House-THE-21 House-THE-22 House-THE-23

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