The CG House by GLR Arquitectos

The CG House by GLR Arquitectos

Architects: GLR Arquitectos
Location: Garza Garcia, Monterrey, Mexico
Year: 2009
Area: 17,250 sqft
Photos:  Jorge Taboada

The CG House lays on a liberal 17,250 sq. ft. site nearby the Sierra Madre mountains. While the site’s precarious slant exhibited various configuration challenges, the sensational perspectives it managed of the city of Monterrey gave the planner various open doors too.

CG-House-01From the road, two monstrous oak tress ascend to give security and welcome shade to the swimming pool porch above. Because of the inclining way of the site, a huge, uncovered solid divider characterizes and encases the swimming pool and garden regions of the house and sets the tone for the configuration of the house itself, which is clad in cocoa/dark volcanic stone, IPE wood, white stucco and steel.


A wide outside rock staircase lead to a cozy greenery enclosure of palm trees. Straightforwardly ahead is a 12 feet-high dull oak entryway whose great scale offers an indication of the sensational size of this 10,650 sq. ft. home that lies past, starting with a section anteroom whose 15 feet-high dividers are decorated with silver leaf. A gigantic sculptural bit of coconut roots, steel and shakes was composed particularly for this space.


The lounge room, and in addition the eating and family rooms, all have huge windows with perspectives of the greenery enclosure, permitting light to enter profound inside of the spaces and also making a mless transaction between the inside and outside spaces. Additionally, inside of the house, unpretentious level changes between rooms add enthusiasm to the inside format as well as mirror the site’s geology.


In the private regions of the home, which is explained through a long passage, the inhabitants have admittance to a second garden, situated at the most noteworthy point on the building site, which is not so much formal but rather more recreational.


CG-House-01-3 CG-House-02 CG-House-03 CG-House-04 CG-House-05 CG-House-06 CG-House-21 CG-House-22 CG-House-23

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