7 Reasons You Should Own an Air Compressor

7 Reasons You Should Own an Air Compressor

Air compressors might not be at the top of your list when considering the essential tools you require for DIYs. You probably assume that you are never going to use it after all. However, an air compressor is a fantastic tool for many reasons. It has many uses for both mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. Here are seven reasons you should own an air compressor.

1. Airing Up Tires

Tire inflation is perhaps the first application that comes to mind when considering air compressors. It is a great idea to keep your air compressor at home for times when your tires are low on air.

Note that overfilling your tires might cause damage. Therefore, you must know the proper PSI for your tires. You don’t want the tires to blow out. When using an air compressor to fill your tires with air, you need a tire gauge at hand.

2. Cleaning Up and Drying

Compressed air simplifies the cleaning process. You can use an air compressor to clean your house, garage, or shop. A compressor can clear up small fissures and cracks. Are your keyboard keys covered in dust? You can easily clean them with compressed air as well.

A compressor is also excellent if you want to swiftly dry certain surfaces of cars, machines, and cabinets. You can use an air compressor inside and outside your house thanks to all the different sizes they come in.

3. Sandblasting

Do you need to clean old paint surfaces and prepare them for new paint? You can do sandblasting on some materials, including metal and wood. An air compressor is a good tool for the job. Note that because of their high power, compressors should only be used on materials that won’t be damaged.

They can sand things without creating the heat that an ordinary electric sander would. If you need something for commercial use, check out these industrial air compressors for sale at a lower price.

4. Painting

Using air compressors can make your painting job more manageable. You can connect a compressor-powered spray gun to the compressor to paint cabinets and furniture pieces of all sizes. With the help of an air compressor, that DIY project you’ve been dreading will be much simpler.

5. Simple And Quick Carpentry

Are you attempting various crafts and construction that call for the usage of power tools? If you are sure that your abilities are worthy of such an investment, you should consider purchasing an air compressor for your projects.

A nail gun is necessary for woodworking, and battery-operated nail guns can be pricey. However, a nail gun attachment for your compressor is much less expensive, lighter, and helps you complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.

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6. Vehicle Maintenance

An automobile air compressor should be necessary for your garage if you can perform essential maintenance and repairs on your cars. Air compressors make it easy to complete the challenging jobs of removing tight bolts and nuts from your vehicle. 

Additionally, you can replace the fuel filter and do a routine tune-up.

Your car maintenance and repair tasks will go on more quickly and affordably without hiring a professional.

7. Saving on Energy Costs

When using power tools, your expenses go beyond maintenance. It will also cost you a lot of money to run those tools as they consume lots of energy. On the other hand, you will need much less energy to maintain tools driven by an air compressor. They have only one motor and operate on compressed air.

An air compressor is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you have a flat tire. However, it does so much more. What happens when you need a pressure washer or are doing carpentry and other DIY projects?

While you probably would not think about an air compressor in these circumstances, it can be a fantastic tool. The tool comes in handy when you need to patch a flat tire, spray paint, sandblast, or clean up.

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