House Paixão by Vitor Vilhena Architects

House Paixão by Vitor Vilhena Architects

Architects: Vitor Vilhena Architects
Location: Herdade das Arrifóias, Odemira, Alentejo, Portugal
Year: 2010
Area: 1,883 sqft / 175 sqm
Photo courtesy: João Morgado Photography

The site is incorporated into Estate of Arrifóias, Odemira, Alentejo, where nature and geology have certain elements. The customer looks for an answer that supports lodging resource values and finished site.

JM_Casa_Odemira_008Regarding the site completely, the task is all out inclusion with the characteristic environment. Was favored thought of the scene, adjusting the volumetry of the house to the normal geography. The amazingly cautious two volumes have been produced in “L” shape.


The course of action appeared, augments the southern sun introduction, varying in unpretentious, non-blocking visual, open and private zones. All in all, the venture was embraced without giving up the normal components and all encompassing little cuts between site attributes and human intercession

JM_Casa_Odemira_020 JM_Casa_Odemira_021 JM_Casa_Odemira_027 JM_Casa_Odemira_028 JM_Casa_Odemira_030 JM_Casa_Odemira_033 JM_Casa_Odemira_034 JM_Casa_Odemira_040 JM_Casa_Odemira_043 JM_Casa_Odemira_045 JM_Casa_Odemira_049 JM_Casa_Odemira_051 JM_Casa_Odemira_062 JM_Casa_Odemira_067 JM_Casa_Odemira_069 JM_Casa_Odemira_070 JM_Casa_Odemira_072 JM_Casa_Odemira_076 JM_Casa_Odemira_078 JM_Casa_Odemira_079 JM_Casa_Odemira_080 JM_Casa_Odemira_081 JM_Casa_Odemira_084 JM_Casa_Odemira_085 JM_Casa_Odemira_087 JM_Casa_Odemira_090 JM_Casa_Odemira_092 JM_Casa_Odemira_099 JM_Casa_Odemira_100 JM_Casa_Odemira_104

corte_001 corte_002 corte_003 implantação planta

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