Location: Athens, Greece
Photo courtesy: Ioanna Roufopoulou

The house is vertically developed in 3 levels: entrance, living room, kitchen & dining room in the first level, one master bedroom, 2 bedrooms, bathroom in the second level, playroom & utility rooms in the basement.


The architectural synthesis is formed in an “L” shape, in which the core/point of reference is the courtyard/pool. Every space is developed in the perimeter of the courtyard and therefore, through the existence of light & water, a dynamic relation of view, luminosity & reflection is created between the inside & outside spaces. The concept is implemented through and with the creation of a 3d polyline (exposed concrete) & a wall (local stone).


The polyline divides the house vertically between the “public” spaces and the “private” ones in the second level. The ground floor, through the extensive use of glass, becomes transparent and unifies the indoor spaces with the outdoor ones. So, for example, the kitchen is extended up to the bbq area. On the other hand, the bedrooms on the second level are “protected” in the maximum degree.


The stone wall delimits the basic entrance of the house and also, by creating a boundary for the living room, emphasizes the relation between the house and the courtyard. The position of this stone wall is very important for the house itself as it protects from the northern winds during the wintertime.


In the upper level, a recess has been created in order to stress the position of the main entrance and also to provide adequate light to all the spaces of the house.

AA-House-05 AA-House-06 AA-House-07 AA-House-08 AA-House-09 AA-House-10 AA-House-11 AA-House-12 AA-House-13 AA-House-14 AA-House-15 AA-House-16 AA-House-17 AA-House-18 AA-House-19 AA-House-20 AA-House-21 AA-House-22 AA-House-23 AA-House-24 AA-House-25 AA-House-26 AA-House-27 AA-House-28 AA-House-29 AA-House-30 AA-House-31 AA-House-32 AA-House-33 AA-House-34

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