The design of a duplex which creates a sense of a young contemporary aesthetic covering the walls with colourful geometric shapes

The design of a duplex which creates a sense of a young contemporary aesthetic covering the walls with colourful geometric shapes

Location: Netanya, Israel
Year: 2017
Area: 2.583 ft²/ 240 m²
Photo courtesy: Itay Benit

“The 240 sqm duplex apartment, located in the Sharon region of Israel, intended for a home of a young couple who works in the high-tech field & expecting a baby.
The couple commissioned Interior Designer Yael Perry to renovate their 240 sqm duplex into a contemporary colourful space for their family & friends.

The designer renovated the duplex including a living space, kitchen, master guest suite, kids room & some small spaces for relaxation.

The 50 sqm master bedroom, located on the upper level include sleeping area, bathroom, wardrobe, home working space & has 2 sliding doors that open on to a 40 sqm balcony.

The Main Floor:
The floor was covered with bright oak parquet & the designer, who wanted to create a sense of a young contemporary aesthetic, chose to cover the walls with colourful geometric shapes.

The couple likes to entertain; therefore, a large modular sofa was selected for their living room & a dining bar was custom made to fit their needs. The wall behind the dining bar was covered with concrete in order to add industrial touch. The entrance wall was painted in black & the couple leaves notes on it for each other on a daily basics.

The guest master suite & the kids room are located on the main floor as well. The designer wanted to give the apartment’s main floor a sense of bright, airy & young space; to bring a new fresh style to the apartment & instead of hanging art on the walls or cover it with paint or wall covers, she added flashes of colours in geometric shapes and now the walls became the art itself.

The Staircase:
the staircase is very narrow & its ceiling is very high. In order to balance the proportion, the designer chose to hang the lighting red cable between the walls in order to give a sense of a lower ceiling.

The Upper Floor:
The upper floor was dedicated for the couple & designed as a vacation unit.
the main wall between the staircase & the master bedroom was replaced with a minimalist matte glass. The old floor was replaced by a beautiful wood parquet & the master bedroom walls were painted in dark green colour.
The wardrobe doors were covered with mirrors & a minimalist home office cube was designed in order to provide the couple the ability to stay & work from home once the baby arrives.”

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