Tarifa House by James & Mau

Tarifa House by James & Mau

Architects: James & Mau
Location: Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain
Area: 300 sqm
Year: 2013
Photos: Erika Mayer

The territory is situated on an incline taking a gander at the valley that overwhelms the Strait of the Gibraltar. The atmosphere is Mediterranean with hot summers and delicate winters, both moist, and all that much impacted by the solid winds of Tarifa.

51924e6eb3fc4b53ed000044_tarifa-house-james-mau_t-14The vernacular construction modeling of Andalusian “pueblos blancos”* with its yards and slender lanes reflects how the nearby building style adjusts to the atmosphere. At last, the customer anticipated that us would propose to him a minor private house as well as a perplexing zone that would allow the advancement of a few indoor and open air exercises.


Therefore we proposed to condensate a “pueblo” on 300 m2 and transform it into a contemporary “cortijo”. The tenets that focus the configuration are the same as the ones behind its motivating models. The primary trademark component of a “cortijo” or “pueblo” would be the divider that delimitates it. In this house we proposed a transparent fenced in area rather, made by an immense flat arrangement created by a penetrable, extended steel network pergola. The last allows to control the sun oriented radiation both in summer and winter making a microclimate in the walled in area. Next step is to blast the arrangement system bringing about a progression of volumes, much the same as the structures or structures with distinctive capacities, which frame a pueblo or “cortijo”.


The pergola is punctured with the same number of openings as volumes, so as to embed these in them. The porches’ control is not aggregate, leaving the likelihood for a future colonization, all things considered, a pueblo is not inherent a day. The same cross section utilized for the pergola dresses the volumes making a congruity between the fake fenced in area and these volumes. Moreover, we made a mixture of spaces developed with particular vacancy, both inside and outside, which allows one to stroll in the house through the unendingness of ways, much the same as in a pueblo. These spaces between the volumes take into consideration cross ventilation bringing on wind current all through the house so as to battle summer warmth and mugginess throughout the entire year.


At long last, the development endowed to Infiniski, depends on particular pre-assembled development, maintainable materials and renewable energies like bio-/mass and sun powered warm boards for both warming and boiling point water.

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