Mediterrrani 32 by Isern Associats

Mediterrrani 32 by Isern Associats

Architects:Isern Associats
Location: Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain
Area: 190 sqm
Year: 2012
Photos: Adrià Goula

“For me, a scene does not exist in its own particular right, subsequent to its appearance changes at each minute; however the encompassing environment breathes life into it – the light and the air which shift constantly.

mediterrrani-32-isern-associats__mg_8751For me, it is just the encompassing air which gives subjects their actual quality.” Claude Monet.


The undertaking for this house rose up out of an extremely basic reason, to expand on an exceptionally soak land parcel with a slope of just about 100%, gloating awesome perspectives and on a tight spending plan.


It was this profoundly confounded plot of area, encompassed by pine trees, that characterized a decent piece of this venture. The area, and its points of view, always showing signs of change as the hours pass, the trees’ shade, the development of sun and shadows…


From one perspective, the diminished measurements of the plot and its mind boggling orography, and on the other the yearning to leave the base engraving on the area drove us to search out a floorplan which, coordinating the trees that encompass it, rises up out of a trunk all around tied down to the area and opens up in braches on every floor, in a manner that every branch turns into the upper’s patio level in the meantime as it turns into the lower’s yard one.


This aides make an exceptionally formal building, with tremendous cantilevers confronting out to void, the forested areas and the which lie before it. A structure which opens up to these perspectives and the sun, and which on account of the patios and the yards mistake the inside for the outside.


At last, the entire building speaks to a dialog in the middle of void and totality, between materials, in the middle of outside and inside; searching out a harmony between these exceedingly differentiating parts.


A building which is similarly formal in both its volume and the materials which make it. Solid, iron, timber and stone consolidating in a manner that underscores the character of everyone.

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