Villa Upper Austria by Two in a Box-Architekten

Villa Upper Austria by Two in a Box-Architekten

Architects: Two in a Box-Architekten
Location: Upper Austria, Austria
Year: 2011
Photos:Dietmar Tollerian-Archipicture

Because of the lofty inclining territory, the perspective and the sun’s heading exceptional consideration was required concerning the arrangement of parlors and dozing rooms. The estate has three levels adjusted to the viewable pathway and amazed towards one another on top of a cellar carport. The principle living floor is west-adjusted and constructed at the slant opening up onto a greenery enclosure and summer kitchen.

5192622ab3fc4b53ed00005b_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_02a_-_two_in_a_box_-_architektenWith a specific end goal to offer a free perspective of the city from the west-confronted garden, the arrangement perspective of this floor was pushed toward the northern end of the part giving space for a lengthened pool on the south side before the living and eating zone. Front-mounted pool coating considers the skyline to vanish and the swimmer gets a sentiment drifting over the city.


Upon uncommon interest of the proprietor the entire estate was clad in light limestone. An energizing providing so as to zone of the stone cladding was accomplished a limestone’s portion boards with a firmly fluted look. While the garden’s boards dividers have a characteristic harsh surface, the higher and further inside one gets the better the limestone’s composition.


The house’s space appears to stream all around as the substantial measured stone boards proceed from the inside to the outside navigating the pool and combining all space into a solitary unit.


The aggregate outline requires just few sorts of materials. Every one of the four stories and the inside configuration are portrayed by the utilization of dull oak, common stone, glass and calfskin. A transparent staircase with ventures of stone and wood joins the floors. The lift shaft is coated to the inside and back-enlightened and structures the vertical “spine” of the house. A midway situated multi-story chamber makes an energizing optical association. On each floor the glass front opens up a marvelous perspective of the city.


51926238b3fc4b53ed00005d_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_04_-_two_in_a_box_-_architekten 51926242b3fc4b53ed00005e_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_05_-_two_in_a_box_-_architekten 51926244b3fc4b8df0000066_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_06_-_two_in_a_box_-_architekten 51926226b3fc4b53ed00005a_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_08_-_ground_floor_-_two_in_a_box_-_architekten 51926228b3fc4b8df0000064_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_09_-_first_floor_-_two_in_a_box_-_architekten 51926230b3fc4b53ed00005c_villa-upper-austria-two-in-a-box-architekten_villa_upper_austria_-_10_-_top_floor_-_two_in_a_box_-_architekten

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