Mews 02 by Andy Martin Architects

Mews 02 by Andy Martin Architects

Architects: Andy Martin Architects
Location: London, England

Photo: Andy Martin Architects

For the first impression, as one goes through the passage entryways, the indented patio takes after a slate quarry with its charcoal squares running remotely and coming to inside to the home’s back. Instantly is conceivable to feel the lively utilization of dull and light, of high contrast.

ANMA-LAPL-0003The mless deck is streaming on a level plane through every level and the differentiating charcoal development pieces are rising vertically. This spine divider makes the course center point and ama set out to confine every floor utilizing this gadget.

ANMA-LAPL-0001An imperative part of this undertaking is the way ama have figured out how to catch the accessible light innovatively, utilizing coated and wooden screens, and even characteristic vegetation screens giving all the space exceptional air for the duration of the day and night.


Truth be told ama are designers of solid effective differentiations. The structural engineering lives with, as well as is emphatically determined by its inconsistencies: tastefulness and composition, weight and weightlessness and , most importantly, light and dim to be sure.

ANMA-LAPL-0004 ANMA-LAPL-0005 ANMA-LAPL-0006 ANMA-LAPL-0007 ANMA-LAPL-0009 ANMA-LAPL-0012 ANMA-LAPL-0014 ANMA-LAPL-0029 ANMA-LAPL-0030 ANMA-LAPL-0031 lambolle00 lambolle013-retouched


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