Vienna Way Residence in Venice by Marmol Radziner

Vienna Way Residence in Venice by Marmol Radziner

Architects: Marmol Radziner
Location: Venice, California, USA
Area: 4,554 square foot
Photos: Joe Fletcher Photography

Floor to roof coating and outside living spaces completely incorporate the home inside of the California local scene. Working inside of the limitations postured by the slender site, the outline separates the parcel into thirds, with the two fundamental volumes set on the outside edges of the property, spanned by an indented kitchen in the middle.

Vienna-Way-02The one-story structure toward the south houses an incredible room that consolidates formal living and feasting zones. The structure starts in the front of the property and streams into an open air feasting porch. A substantial region of glass along the east gives a visual and spatial connection to the pool region.

Vienna-Way-01The northern structure keeps running from the back of the property forward, likewise prompting an open air living territory, and contains more easygoing, private spaces, including a family room and an office on the first floor and rooms on the second floor. Coating along the second-story foyer offers perspectives of the green rooftop (over the kitchen) and tree tops underneath.


The kitchen goes about as the center of the living arrangement, interfacing people in general and private territories and giving perspectives of the pool, side yard and back property. From the outside, the kitchen is molded by a bronze box that underscores its noteworthiness and gives complexity to the mortar façade found on the principle volumes of the living arrangement.


Notwithstanding connecting the two principle volumes, the kitchen is the focal point of a water-related zone that begins in front with a swimming pool and moves through the kitchen and over its green rooftop, and proceeds in the terrace’s riparian scene planted with surges, reeds, and sycamore trees. These plantings offer route to a vast play yard loaded with wild ox grass and encompassed by Oak trees and other California local plants.

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