Contemporary Villa by Architema

Contemporary Villa by Architema

Architects: Architema
Location: Szentendre, Hungary
Area: 1,948 sqft
Photos: Tamas Bujnovszky

Set some path outside the urban agglomeration of Budapest, 20 km from the capital, sits the manor in its semi-country connection. The somewhat inclining site has a south-easterly angle, lying at the foot of the Szarvas-hegy (which means Deer-slope). Its marvelous display is delegated by the perspective of the stream Danube.


Lajos Kuknyó, draftsman and central accomplice at the Architema Studio, had been locked in to take a shot at the reclamation of a Bauhaus style silver screen (the Broadway) in downtown Budapest, constructed in 1938; amid the configuration stage he started to think about the arrangement for his own family house. What’s more, it was no mischance that the completed manor mirrors a pioneer plan with patios, basically extending his scholarly association with the 1920-30-s period. Structure like construction modeling, spaces and materials by Mies van der Rohe, additionally an impact of Frank Lloyd Wright is available in the task.

Villa-in-Szentendre-01Light moves through the monster glass windows – which was a critical piece of the idea – they open the mass and weld the house together with the regular environment. Floor arrangements are direct, intelligent. The ground floor shared space is the same amount of isolated as is expected to clear up the capacities: however there are no rooms, part-dividers shape the limits. The rooms upstairs – obliging the 3 man family living in the house – are joined with the patio nursery by means of the planted rooftop porch.

Villa-in-Szentendre-02Its inside is loaned eminent concordance and tenderness by the way that the strict geometry is consolidated with the utilization of regular materials: wood, beige calfskin on the dividers, a statue-like stone monument isolating the eating and front rooms – which reflects the hues and themes of the patio nursery. The nature of convergences, the cleaned stainless steel window outlines, the door jambs brought down into the divider are all illustrations of the engineer’s consistency. The greatness of innovation, building design and execution is as sensible in subtle element as in volume. Extraordinary, mild, 21st century cutting edge from South-Eastern Europe. A contemporary and cutting edge reword of the ‘Wright natural’.


Villa-in-Szentendre-07 Villa-in-Szentendre-08 Villa-in-Szentendre-09 Villa-in-Szentendre-10 Villa-in-Szentendre-11 Villa-in-Szentendre-12 Villa-in-Szentendre-13 Villa-in-Szentendre-14 Villa-in-Szentendre-15 Villa-in-Szentendre-18 Villa-in-Szentendre-23 Villa-in-Szentendre-25 Villa-in-Szentendre-40 Villa-In-Szentendre-41 Villa-In-Szentendre-42 Villa-In-Szentendre-45 Villa-In-Szentendre-46 

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