Mormanis House by MPR Design Group

Mormanis House by MPR Design Group

Architects: MPR Design Group
Location: Dover Heights, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: MPR Design Group

Situated in Dover Heights this inclining site has an all encompassing standpoint over the harbor and Sydney’s horizon past. Whilst getting a charge out of these perspectives the house still gives private spaces inside.


We call this duality the “cavern and prospect”. This thought has been accomplished by the harmony in the middle of straightforwardness and robustness of the external skin of the building. The perspectives are caught through the broad coating at the back while strong dividers take into account protection to the nearby neighbors. Highlight windows and bay windows take into consideration normal light to wash the inside spaces.


The inward arrangement has been produced as a succession of interlocking spaces. Entering the expanding on the top level, guests will have the capacity to encounter the fantastic perspectives as they ignore the edge into the house. You then proceed with the adventure by strolling down the inward stairs which prompt the room level and the greenery enclosure and amusement zone on the most minimal floor.




The emotional siting of the house has been balance by the utilization of an assortment of common materials, for example, stone, reused timber and weathered zinc. These materials appear differently in relation to the foundation of plain white mortar dividers.

Mormanis-House-04 Mormanis-House-05 Mormanis-House-06 Mormanis-House-07 Mormanis-House-08 Mormanis-House-09 Mormanis-House-10 Mormanis-House-11 Mormanis-House-12 Mormanis-House-13 Mormanis-House-14 Mormanis-House-20 Mormanis-House-21 Mormanis-House-22 Mormanis-House-23 Mormanis-House-24

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