Kitzbuehel Mansion Tyrolia by Splendid Architecture

Kitzbuehel Mansion Tyrolia by Splendid Architecture

Architects: Splendid Architecture
Location: Kitzbuehel, Tyrol, Austria
Year: 2010
Area: 520 sqm
Photo courtesy: Ralf Buscher

Eventhough the general structural plan and the definite execution is extremely cutting edge, neighborhood materials were utilized as a tribute to the customary Tyrolean construction modeling. The building design really mirrors the climate and the vibrations of the excellent encompassing scene.

Kitzbuehel-Mansion-00-1 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-00 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-01-1 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-01 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-02 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-03-1 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-03 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-05 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-06 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-07 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-08 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-20 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-21 Kitzbuehel-Mansion-22

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