Carapicuiba House by Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni

Carapicuiba House by Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni

Architects: Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni
Location: Carapicuiba, São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2008
Area: 4,467 sqft
Photo courtesy: Nelson Kon

Geographic conditions

The most astounding element of the site where the house is found is its wretchedness, in geological terms. From the road, we can’t unmistakably see its ground level in light of the fact that the ground surface falls unexpectedly into a little valley and woods: astage 6 m beneath.


Automatic prerequisites

The project joins two unique purposes: a house and an office, it is a spot to both live and work. In spite of the fact that these two capacities have the same space, it is as independent as would be prudent.


Undertaking recommendation

The distinctive levels offered by the site were used to organize the two fundamental projects.


The road level was kept free of any encased space, it is a sort of “pilotis” with two distinct territories: the first is on the ground, near the road, and the other one is aeronautical, as a rooftop patio over the building. A scaffold, made of steel, interfaces these two territories. The main access to the building is the extension with its steel lattice floor that leads over the open space: down the stairs to the house or upstairs to the workplace.


The house is separated into two levels, both beneath the road level. Its spaces are incorporated with the forested areas, valley, gardens, and pool situated at the ground level. The house fuses the outside nature inside: a sliding glass entryway opens the family room into the terrace,creating one vast space. The room and the porches can likewise be incorporated at the lower level.


From the road level, the workplace is found upstairs. Its measurements, 3 m wide and 25 m long, making it resemble a tube open at both limits. In this manner, the windows offer new perspectives: more scene than porches, and more all encompassing than a close space.


The “tube” just rests more than two sections. Strengthened solid backings the entire building. Other than its materials, cement and glass, this house is basically planned taking into account the site’s topography and scene. So couple of components mean more fixation on the required work amid its development process. It makes it less demanding to control the monetary allowance and it help us concentrate on the fundamental strides to assemble the house.

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