Bunker House by VaSLab Architecture

Bunker House by VaSLab Architecture

Architects: VaSLab Architecture
Location: Lopburi, Lopburi Province, Thailand
Year: 2009
Area: 3,550 sqft
Photo courtesy: Spaceshift Studio

Dugout house (Tiensuwan House) is outlined by VaSLab Architecture; its principals are Vasu Virajsilp and Boonlert Deeyuen. Venture designer is Ratthaphon Sujatanonda. The house is situated in A. Muang, Lopburi. The area is surely understood for the greatest Thai military camp in which a quantities of Lopburi-based family units are identified with military individuals.


One of Lopburi’s point of interest construction modeling is Pasak Cholasit Dam, the greatest store in Central Thailand, a noteworthy wellspring of water for family unit, agribusiness and mechanical use in Lop Buri and Saraburi Provinces. The way that the house proprietor and the planners both like cement, the dam’s significant structure and uncovered solid appearance impact the house proprietor and the engineers to choose cast set up cement to be the house’s shell.


Siriwan Tiensuwan, the house proprietor requests that the draftsmen outline a 250 sqm. house that has two negated characters; shrouded + secured and noticeable + opened. The site is encompassed by its neighbored houses, just the front (west) side that opens to roadway, green zone and a trench. Its site setting reviews the draftsmen of dugout building design assembled amid World War II and “Shelter Archeology”, Princeton Architectural Press, a book by Paul Virilio, urban organizer, scholar, and rationalist. The draftsmen are enlivened by this involved barrier framework surrendered along the shoreline of France however yet enchanting and modern.


Its shrouded and peaceful vicinity stamped with the capacity of keeping an eye out on gatekeeper, in this manner turn into the house’s allegorical idea. The customers’ attachment to uncovered cement additionally fortifies their way of life of protection, security, and solid assurance. The hilter kilter ” H ” shape floor arrangement makes two inward courts useable as open air living in morning and evening. These two courts isolated by the hallway that connections the principle living space and visitor room. More proof of shelter outline is found in subtle element plan at the space opening of the main room’s internal overhang that can be looked through the outside green, trench, and thruway in like manner.


Bunker-House-04 Bunker-House-05 Bunker-House-06 Bunker-House-07 Bunker-House-08 Bunker-House-09-0 Bunker-House-09 Bunker-House-10 Bunker-House-11 Bunker-House-12 Bunker-House-13 Bunker-House-21 Bunker-House-22 Bunker-House-23 Bunker-House-24

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