HaGat white apartment in Ramat Gan by Itai Palti

HaGat white apartment in Ramat Gan by Itai Palti

Architects: Itai Palti
Location: Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Gidon Levin

Situated in Ramat Gan, neighboring Tel Aviv, this loft remodel organizes an open and social spatial game plan for family life to play out.


Our customers required an answer for getting out whatever number divisions as could be allowed in the condo, whilst keeping up a lot of storage room. The focal element of the outline answers to both of these needs; making a solitary divider between the living space and dozing quarters that serves as capacity for diverse parts of the home.


The divider is calculated in arrangement in order to extend the living territory towards the back of the flat where the passage is found, permitting to arrive straightforwardly beyond all detectable inhibitions space. The vast volume of capacity is scattered with pockets of living plants, the biggest of which is open on three sides, making a green point of convergence noticeable from all rooms in the home.

HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-03 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-04 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-05 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-06 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-07 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-08 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-09 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-10 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-11 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-12 HaGat-white-apartment-in-Ramat-Gan-by-Itai-Palti-13

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