Ana House by DAR612

Ana House by DAR612

Architects: DAR612
Location: Splitska, Croatia
Year: 2015
Area: 3,229 sqft / 300 sqm
Photo courtesy: Robert Leš

This get-away house is situated on a slant encompassed by olive forests, with the equisite view at the Brački kanal and the city of Split. The incline’s introduction toward the north brought about the spatial aura and the two-sided introduction of all the living spaces and the required utilization of pitched rooftops started the two-section division with the monopitched rooftops and the level rooftop in the middle.


The project required that the ground floor is utilized for the rest and other day by day exercises, while the first floor comprises of four suites with particular bathrooms and patios. The house comprises od two configuration components: the stone plinth joined with the encompassing landscape and the white volume that suspends over the family room which totally opens itself to the outside with the glass shades on the both sides.


Amidst the living region is an eating zone which opens both toward the north and south porch, and capacities as the focal hub of the house. It closes at the pool on the north side, and the jacuzzi shower coordinated in the south end of the patio.


The straightforwardness of the ground floor empowers the mix of both the inside and the outside including the patios and the pool as a developed zone of the living room.

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