LAMA House in Bucharest by LAMA Arhitectura

LAMA House in Bucharest by LAMA Arhitectura

Architects: LAMA Arhitectura
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Year: 2015
Area: 2,422 sqft / 225 sqm
Photo courtesy: Radu Malașincu

Connection: The venture could be considered as brave in light of its site extents, a long yet extremely tight piece of area (7.5 X 40 M) with a visually impaired divider on one side.



Idea: The house was fabricated for a group of 4, keeping in mind the end goal to secure its individuals and address the issues as most ideal as.


Because of the state of the site and its surroundings, the house came about as a long and 4.5 mnarrow shape, appended to the neighbors visually impaired divider. The exteriors and the design of the house were assembled by position towards general society or private ranges of its encompassing and the cardinal focuses.


The exteriors and the design of the house had diverse methodologies, given the introduction towards the general population or private regions of the surroundings and the cardinal focuses. The best sample would be the southern exterior, shaped to fill in as a sun trap.


Format: The house was fabricated with the goal that it would have a little frontyard which gives passage from the road, and a bigger private lawn. The acces point inside the house is motioned by a blazed wooden box, the vestibule, joined to the white principle volume of the house, in this way making a visual difference.


This task was fabricate with thought towards the fundamental standards of latent lodging. The southern exterior opens expansive windows towards the private family patio, without neglecting to shield itself from the sun. It utilizes detached shading making a pipe formed exterior and a pergola. The primary material utilized for the lawn veneer is smoldered wood. The picture made is amicably coordinated with the ensured cozy greenery enclosure, because of its natural refference and impelled warmth.


The exteriors confronting the road (North) and the neighbor on the left (East), because of the nearing position giving little protection, are more misty and calm. On the majority of the exteriors, the windows are bigger at the base and littler at the top, as to catch the perfect measure of light for every space.


The format of the house utilizes the same guideline as the exteriors, considering the position of the space towards open or private standpoint, and the measure of got common light. This is the reason towards the patio (South) you will discover essential practical ranges, for example, the livingroom, the main room and the youngsters’ room, whilst towards the road (North), the kitchen, bathrooms and the second floor porch are positioned.This design was fundamentally considered to have an utilitarian structure.


The storm cellar contains a diversion room, the utility room and storage room. The ground floor gives the outside acces by means of the vestibule, to the living territory and the kitchen, and a first floor cloakroom. On the first floor you will locate the main room with a dressing space, the family bathroomand a little room for the family’s 2 year old child . The second floor gives the third room, a library, a washroom, a capacity wardrobe and a private porch.


Materials, Systems.

For the outside configuration, we utilized PU froth with white enhancing completion, blazed pinewood, white painted steel outlines for the openings and triple coated windows with timber outlines.



The performant triple coated windows and the PU warm froth togheter with the cellulose storage room protection, makes a warm assurance that is twice as productive to the regularly utilized protection implies. A practical ventilation framework was incorporated, comprising of air tubes covered at the level of the building’s establishment.


With respect to inside configuration, the dividers were secured in assurance mortar kicked the bucket white, and the oak floor has a characteristic shading. The livingroom roof purpusely left the uncovered concrete, noticeable. Travertine plates were utilized for the acces lobby and inside the bathrooms .The staircase’s structure was constructed of steel and kept with a characteristic lacquered appearence. The greater part of the furniture for the venture was specially crafted.

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