Lundnäs House by Delin Arkitektkontor

Lundnäs House by Delin Arkitektkontor

Architects: Delin Arkitektkontor
Location: Lundnäs, Sweden
Year: 2015
Cost: 60.000 €
Photo courtesy: Delin Arkitektkontor

The Lundnäs House is the draftsman’s own mid year house in Hälsingland, Sweden. It is implicit an old rock establishment from the turn of the century where there have already been an industrial facility for fired stoves. One of the requirements for expanding on the site, found right on the riverfront, was that the house was assembled inside of the current establishment, which in this manner turned into the primary base for the undertaking.


The house was outlined and assembled by the draftsman over a time of seven years, and configuration and development have gone as one. The designer has attempted different thoughts in the house, including a story that is warmed by hot air from the chimney, detached sun based warming and another type of rooftop covers of wood.


The separated area makes it conceivable to have glass dividers on three sides. These encases the corridor, kitchen and lounge, while the rooms and lavatory are situated in the back of the house between dividers constructed of blocks recuperated from the site. The house has been improved to suit two grown-ups and four youngsters, picking up space incompletely by setting the kitchen in the lobby which made space for a roomy family room with perspectives of the encompassing nature. Privately created cloth window ornaments can be repositioned to outline the different parts of the surroundings or close the house in times of nonappearance.


The rooftop is upheld by two 6×6 inch wooden mainstays of sawn spruce. These, similar to all other wood in the house, including the roof, is painted with tar/oil blend. The dim roof, which proceeds out over the porch gives the front room a reasonable level bearing and when light falls around evening time the roof breaks down in the night sky which gives an inclination that one is under the open sky. An imperative part of the house has been giving it a lovely measurement, that it ought to be a spot where one can take after the changing light and seasons and join with the encompassing nature in a clear way.


The house is warmed with a focal chimney around which coursing air is warmed and afterward pushed down under the solid chunk through a bed of dirt pellets, giving an even and shoddy warming of the floor. The approaching daylight additionally warms the floor which, together with the overwhelming stone-and block dividers, stores the warmth. This implies the house stays warm notwithstanding amid a few weeks of nonattendance. The water framework in the house is intended to be effectively purged so that the house can be cooled to outside temperature, which in this some portion of Sweden may be underneath 30 degrees celsius.


The Lundnäs House is a case of how moderate development, utilizing privately delivered materials and considering the nature and history of the locale can consolidate contemporary style and rationality with practical necessities, low development costs and a little environmental foot shaped impression. This house is constructed to work for no less than a hundred years.

Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-06 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-07 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-08 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-09 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-10 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-11 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-12 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-13 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-14 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-15 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-16 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-17 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-18 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-19 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-20 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-21 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-22 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-23 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-24 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-25 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-26 Lundnäs-House-by-Delin-Arkitektkontor-27

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