Hillside Habitat Residence overlooking the Kinglake National Park by Edwards Moore

Hillside Habitat Residence overlooking the Kinglake National Park by Edwards Moore

Architects: Edwards Moore
Location: Kinglake, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2011
Area: 1,453 ft²/ 135 m²
Photo courtesy: Peter Bennetts

We have as of late finished another home worked to supplant one lost on Black Saturday on a lofty mountain site disregarding the Kinglake National Park with perspectives to the Mornington peninsular beyond,this thrilling area with its towering eucalyptus trees and reducing scars from that exceptional day required a configuration reaction just as remarkable.


The brief was to outline a home that grasped the idea of living whilst drawing in with the scene encompassing it. We built up a biophilic plan reaction considering each part of its encompassing surroundings. There is an intuitive, natural bond in the middle of people and other living frameworks. The thought is that individuals flourish best in situations that have different types of life around, and prosper in spaces that are more like natural surroundings. The floor arrangement takes the static components important for living and organizes them as individual components underneath the binding together rooftop structure. The sensitive rooftop structure gives crucial haven from the downpour and sun, whilst binding together the components beneath”


The expression “biophilia” actually signifies “adoration forever or living frameworks. used to depict an appreciation for all that is alive and crucial. Biophilia portrays “the associations that individuals intuitively look for with whatever remains of life.” The attractions and constructive emotions that individuals have toward specific territories, exercises, and protests in their common environment.

Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-03 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-04 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-05 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-06 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-07 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-08 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-09 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-10 Hillside-Habitat-Residence-overlooking-the-Kinglake-National-Park-by-Edwards-Moore-11

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