Horizontal House by 81.WAW.PL

Horizontal House by 81.WAW.PL and Michal Nowak

Architects: 81.WAW.PL and rendered by graphic designer Michal Nowak
Area: 250 sqm
Photo courtesy: Michal Nowak

Two draftsmen from structural planning studio 81.WAW.PL outlined ground-floor house, which plan depends on letter „L” and has 250 square meters of usable zone. House is prepared in everything what group of four would need to live in an agreeable and comfortable way. Capacity was characterized as an extremely intelligible one. To impart inside, relatives need to stroll through a lobby situated along a more extended building divider. Windows set at the two bottoms of passageway help to illuminating the inside, and opening it to a terrace garden. foyer lead to an ordinary living territory, and alongside a private part held for relatives just. In this some piece of the house there are three rooms with bathrooms. Windows in the resting piece of the house are littler than in the every day one. Besides, rooms are prepared in moving blinds to control measure of light.

Piece of the building makes the arrangement of vertical and flat surfaces, moved moderately to one another. Utilizing such arrangement was useful as a part of segregating a house passageway from the terrace garden. Obvious divider bulge from the carport section side was made to highlight a fundamental passageway and make it looks more exquisite.

The entire building was isolated into two squares, initial one was intended for a carport and the second one – for living zone. Roofings made by moving one piece associate both parts of the house. Likewise, moving two squares separated make it conceivable to have an extraordinary perspective at the patio nursery part.
Additionally intriguing, the whole house and its closest encompassing was adjusted for available for individuals with incapacities. Both, fundamental passageway and drop from the porch are prepared in uncommon inclines to make it less demanding to move in a wheelchair. The corridor was neighbourly composed too.
A Japan style greenery enclosure was outlined all in all’s piece venture. The fundamental enrichment component in that garden are level rocks and short evergreen plants. Ways produced using modest rocks finish the entire plan. Wood and brace of normal stones are façade materials used to complete development and make this building resemble a square ascending from the patio nursery, and being its regular pa

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